Hi, I'm a dog named Bulencia! Now we’ll talk about how to get a dog to like you. It will be about both cases when the relationship is already ruined, and about cases when the relationship is to be created. People often make mistakes when raising their pet, but these errors can be corrected. There are 9 steps to help you improve your relationship with your pet and get your dog to like you. 

Bulencia knows how to get your dog to like you

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Hello! I am a dog named Bulencia! Sorry for my English, I am a dog from Russia. Sometimes a dog does not want to take care of its newborn puppies. Or the dog that gave birth to puppies dies. In this case, newborn puppies need help from people. How to take care of newborn puppies? This is not easy, but if you make the necessary efforts, the little puppy will become an adult healthy dog. 

Newborn puppies without mother

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