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What not to feed a dog? These products are dangerous for dogs

Hi, I’m a dog named Bulencia. Today we’ll talk about 25 products that are dangerous for your dog. These products can lead to serious consequences, even death. Therefore, you need to know very well, what not to feed a dog.

Dog Bulencia tells what not to feed a dog

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I recommend feeding your dog good food made from natural products. This is very important for her health. More details here: natural dog food.

1. Dangerous: cereals, herbs and more

Many dog owners mistakenly believe that any cereal and greens are good for dogs. In fact, before feeding your dog this food, you need to find out if it will be safe. So, for example, semolina, pearl barley, corn and wheat groats, as well as legumes, are poorly digested and cause bloating in the dog.

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Corn should not be given in the form of porridge, or simply. It causes not only bloating but also indigestion and tooth decay. Corn also raises blood sugar levels. If you do not wish your pet a disturbance in the gastrointestinal tract, never give him any nuts. For dogs, mushrooms are also dangerous, which contain chitin, which causes poisoning.

Do not feed the dog mushrooms

Never feed your pet spinach, this plant contains oxalate, this substance is toxic when consumed in large quantities. Also, do not offer the dog sorrel and rhubarb, they disrupt the genitourinary system.

Those who like to offer beer to a dog need to understand that alcohol is also very harmful to dogs. And the content of hops in this drink provokes convulsions, shortness of breath, increased heart rate and temperature increase. If you want to treat your dog with delicious food, use special treats for dogs.

2. What not to feed a dog? These fruits and vegetables are prohibited

Vegetables and fruits are a source of vitamins that are good for both people and pets. But not all fruits and vegetables benefit dogs. We all know what benefits broccoli is for humans, but this vegetable is toxic for dogs when consumed in large quantities. This is due to the content of isocyanate in cabbage.

Ordinary cabbage is also harmful to dogs, but only in raw form. The fact is that this vegetable is poorly digested and provokes gas formation. Potatoes should not be fed to the dog both raw and cooked. The vegetable contains starch, solanine and many fast-digesting carbohydrates, which are harmful to these pets.

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Onions and garlic for dogs are also prohibited. These vegetables contain thiosulfates, which provoke anemia. Avocados cannot be given to dogs. It contains the substance Persine, which leads to intoxication. Pineapples, kiwi and any citrus fruits can lead to allergies and indigestion.

Do not feed your dog grapes

Berries like currants, grapes and raisins are popular with many dogs and some of them eat them without consequences, but it depends on the breed of dogs. It is better not to take risks and not to feed the pet with these berries, so that he does not get kidney failure.

Pomegranate and any fruit bones are also prohibited, they cause intestinal obstruction and contain cyanide, poisonous to dogs. Plums, peaches and persimmons also cause intestinal obstruction.

3. What not to feed a dog? Prohibited animal products

Of course, if you feed your dog with natural food, you need to give it meat products, but not all meat is equally healthy. Many animal products are dangerous for dogs.

If you feed your dog raw river fish, your pet may be injured by small bones and become infected with helminths.

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Raw eggs are also bad for dogs. They contain the enzyme Avidin, which weakens the synthesis and absorption of vitamin B1. This leads to diseases of the coat and skin. In addition, if the dog eats raw eggs, there is a high risk of infection of the pet with salmonella.

Cow's milk can only be given to puppies; in adult dogs, it causes diarrhea. But a newborn puppy left without a mother needs to be fed with special milk (read the article How to take care of newborn puppy).

Do not feed your dog bones

Never give a dog fish or chicken bones. They can injure the dog’s mouth and digestive tract, get stuck between the teeth or in the throat and cause suffocation. In addition, the bones are very poorly digested and tend to accumulate in the stomach, causing obstruction and upset stomach. They will have to be removed only surgically.

But the dog needs to nibble the bones. This is very important for your pet’s dental health. Therefore, you must have special bones for dogs. They come in many forms. You can try these or these.

4. What not to feed a dog? The most dangerous products for dogs!

Of course, we always want to please our dog, so we try to treat her with the most delicious treat. But more often than not, people don’t realize that by offering a dog various treats from their table, they kill their pet.

What not to feed a dog:

Sweet foods should never be given to a dog. Such products not only spoil her teeth, but also cause an upset gastrointestinal tract, and also lead to obesity and diabetes. If you think that then you can feed the dog with products with a sugar substitute, then you are very mistaken. The substance xylitol, which is part of such products, causes lethargy, vomiting, convulsions, nervous breakdowns and impaired coordination in dogs.

Do not feed the dog a sweet

Also, dogs should not be given products from yeast dough that cause painful colic, and sometimes lead to rupture of the intestinal wall.

Want to pamper your dog with a delicious treat? Remember that spicy, salty, smoked, pickled, spices are not allowed for dogs. Also, pets cannot be given various sausages. They contain a lot of salt and fat, which provoke inflammation of the liver and pancreas, obesity, inversion of the intestine. Also, these products increase the pressure of the dog, disrupts the water-salt balance and the work of its liver.

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Giving your dog tea or coffee seems completely safe. But these drinks are also very harmful. They contain caffeine, which disrupts the heart, digestive organs and nervous system of the dog.

Remember that dogs only drink water! And your pet should always have access to fresh water. To do this, use a special drinking bowl for dogs.

And, of course, do not forget about alcohol. It is very dangerous for dogs, threatens her with paralysis of the nervous system, poisoning and death.

Dear readers, of course, you can and should pamper dogs, but do not forget that there are products that can harm your pet.

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