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What kinda dog should i get? Zodiac signs and dog breeds

Hi, I’m a dog named Bulencia. Today we’ll talk about how dog breeds are related to astrology. Have you ever shown a greater interest in a particular dog breed while ignoring the rest of the breed? Maybe you are similar in character to some breed or vice versa are completely different? Have you ever wondered what kinda dog should I get?

Bulenсia knows what kinda dog should i get

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In fact, each breed of dog fits a particular zodiac sign. If you trust horoscopes, they can help you choose a dog. If you don’t trust them, you can find out if the stars guessed your favorite breed of dog.

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1. Capricorns

What kinda dog should I get? – Capricorns. Capricorns are stubborn people. They love arguing and hate losing. Capricorns love discipline, order and responsibility, so they need to get a dog with an easygoing character. Then the training will not be long and tiring for the owner and his dog. For Capricorn, the best breed of dog is the Border Collie. These dogs are easy to train. Use special treats to train your dog.


2. Which dog should Aquarius get?

Aquarians are calm and shy. They do not need to get a dog with a burning temperament. Aquarius must get a dog that will not make much noise, play continuously and nibble things. The ideal breed of dog for this sign is Newfoundler. This dog is calm and friendly. The dog of this breed is an ideal friend for Aquarius.


3. What kind of dog should Pisces get?

Pisces love to be alone. These people need to get a companion dog who can replace them with communication with people. The ideal breed for Pisces is the German Shepherd. These dogs are the most faithful friends in the world, so they are perfect for this sign.


4. Aries

Aries is an impatient person with a burning temperament. They are very energetic, so they need to get a dog like them. A dog of the Siberian Husky breed matches perfectly this sign. The dog owner and his dog will be happy to spend time on long walks with various games. Use special toys to play with your dog. Your pet will like it.


5. What kinda dog should I get? - Tauruses

Taurus, like Capricorn, is stubborn. But people of this sign have a lot of patience. Taurus dislike change, but they love stability and a good dream. They should have a dog that looks like them. A dog of the Chow Chow breed will perfectly complement the sleep of the Tauruses and will be happy to live a calm, measured life with them. For your dog to sleep comfortably, she must have a comfortable dog bed.


6. What is the best dog for a Gemini?

Unlike Pisces, Gemini hates loneliness. During a walk, people of this sign will be happy to communicate with other dog owners. Gemini needs to get a dog who will love talking with dogs. This sign is ideal for the Welsh Corgi Pembroke breed. Dogs of this breed are friendly and love to play with other dogs (read the article "How to socialize a dog with other dogs and with humans").


7. Cancers

Cancer are not self-confident, emotional and very sentimental. Such people need a therapy dog. With such a furry friend, this sign will be easier to survive all the failures. The best dog breed for cancer is the Labrador Retriever.


8. What kinda dog should I get? - Leo

Leo is a born leader. They are stubborn, selfish, and hate to be ignored. This sign seeks to be a real king, and they need a corresponding dog. King Poodle is the best breed of dog for Leo. This breed is beautiful and perfectly trained. But the poodle needs special care. You should use a special shampoo for dogs to make your pet look great (this shampoo is suitable for 200 different dog breeds).


9. Virgo

Virgo is very friendly, shy and hardworking. Their love of little things and refinement reveals them as gentle and sensitive natures. People of this sign need a small dog with a light character and a pleasant coat. The best breed of dogs for the Virgo - English Toy Spaniel. But the English Toy Spaniel needs careful grooming (in fact, the hair of all dogs needs to be combed). For this, you can use special combs for dogs.


10. Libra

What kinda dog should I get? –  Libra. People of this sign dislike loneliness, conflict and violence. They will never dominate the dog, they need a friend, not a slave, executing their commands. For scales, the best breed of dog is the Jack Russell Terrier. These dogs are great companions for both humans and other dogs.


11. What kind of dog should I get? - Scorpio

Scorpios are resourceful, brave and stubborn, but people of this sign are also very jealous. They need a dog that will recognize only one owner. The breed of dogs that is best suited to Scorpio is Cane Corso. Many dog handlers talk about the loyalty of these dogs, they choose one owner for life (read the article "How to get your dog to like you? 9 easy steps").


12. Sagittarius

What kinda dog should I get? – Sagittarius. People of this sign love freedom, travel and a good sense of humor. Sagittarius is an active sign of the zodiac and on walks, he wants to throw out the accumulated energy. The ideal dog breed for Sagittarius is the Dachshund. This little playful dog will not let its owner get bored and will be happy to travel with him around the world. To prevent your pet from getting lost while walking or traveling, you can use the GPS-tracker for dogs. This device not only helps you find your dog, but also has a built-in health sensor.

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