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Why is my dog licking me? 7 interesting reasons

Hi, I’m a dog named Bulencia. Today we will talk about why we are dogs, licking people. Why do we need this and what do we want to say with this?

Why is my dog licking me?

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Let’s go!

Most dog owners love dog kisses and are happy to expose their faces and hands under the dog's tongue. But some people forbid pets to lick themselves. Dog owners of the first type believe that dog kisses, like human kisses, express love. But a dog is not a person, it perceives the world around itself not as we and its actions can talk about completely different things. Therefore, many people wonder why is my dog licking me?

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1. Love

Yes, dogs can really express their love with a lick, but such a lick should be accompanied by a wagging tail, the cheers of a dog and a great desire to climb into your arms. Only when all the conditions are met can you be sure that thanks to licking the pet shows you its love. But love is only one of the reasons why is my dog licking me, let's find out everything.

My dog licks me because he loves me

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2. Hunger

Often, if the dog licks the face of the owner, she shows him that she is hungry. This is due to the instincts that have developed in dogs since ancient times. Starving puppies licked their mother's face to ask her to share food. Therefore, it is likely that your dog wants to show you that she is hungry. To avoid your dog’s health problems and to prevent your dog from being hungry, feed your pet only good, natural food.

3. Why is my dog licking me when I watch TV

When you are busy with your affairs for a long time, not paying attention to the dog, it can get boring. To attract your attention, the dog may begin to lick your face and hands. After all, dog language is difficult to ignore. Give your pet an interactive game for dogs so that your pet does not get bored while you are busy. It will be not only interesting for your pet (and for you), but also useful!

My dog licks me because she misses me

4. Fear

Sometimes a dog can be scared by a loud sound or something else. Then the pet just needs the protection that he is looking for from its owner, the leader of the pack. Licking hands, whining and wanting to scramble up on your hands or bed indicates that the dog is afraid and asks you for protection.

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5. Help

The dog considers you a member of the pack, so he wants to take care of you. Therefore, the dog can lick your wounds to heal or lick the exposed parts of your body when you sleep to see if you are alive. Sometimes dogs lick their owners to make them breathe or not to sleep, and this can be very useful in an emergency. And you must help your dog too. Do a DNA test that not only helps determine your pet's breed but also reveals various diseases and features of your dog. It is very good for health.

My dog helps me

6. Smell

The dog perceives the world with smells, and not visually like people. The sense of smell is their most important feeling, its capabilities are much greater than ours. Therefore, people cannot understand whether we smell good for dogs or not. Sometimes dogs, by licking, want to wash us or find out where we were.

7. Leader

Sometimes, licking his owner, the dog wants to show that he is a leader. The pet, therefore, marks its territory, showing other dogs that you are part of its pack. Most often, such situations can occur if there is a child or other pets in the house.

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