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Does my dog love me? 9 signs of dog love

Hi, I’m a dog named Bulencia. Sorry for my English, I am a dog from Russia. Today I want to answer the question that any dog owner asked himself: does my dog love me? There are 9 signs that a dog loves you, which you will learn about in my article.

Bulencia knows, does my dog love me?

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1. Does my dog love me? Yes, if she looks into your eyes

We know that dogs that you don’t know can’t be looked into the eyes because they don’t like it and can get angry. But if your dog loves you, she will be happy to look into your eyes herself and the longer she does it, the greater her love for you. When a dog looks into your eyes, it releases the hormone oxytocin (the hormone of pleasure). This hormone reduces the level of anxiety in the pet and improves mood.

As the famous dog handler Brian Hare said, if a dog loves you, it will “hug you with eyes”.

Dog Bulencia loves me

2. Dog licks you

Any dog that loves its owner will gladly lick his hands or face. For dogs, licking, as for people kissing. Even if a person does not want the dog to lick him, and he scolds her for it, she will try not to noticeably lick the owner. It may be unpleasant for someone, but if the dog is healthy, then it is safe. Sometimes it can be useful, the dog's saliva can heal wounds because it contains the substance lysosome, which inhibits the spread of infection.

You can read more about why dogs lick people in my article "Why is my dog licking me?"

3. Asks for attention after eating.

If the pet runs to you after eating, wants to cuddle, rubs against your legs, and licks you, then the dog expresses gratitude to you for the food and her love.

4. Does my dog love me? Yes, if she brings you her favorite toy!

A favorite toy is the most valuable thing a dog has. Therefore, if your pet is happy to bring it to you so that you simply hold the toy in your hands, then the dog trusts you, which means that he loves you very much. If your dog does not have a favorite toy, give it to her immediately!

Dog Bulenсia loves dog toys

5. The dog rejoices at your return home

How many cute photographs and videos where the dog is happy to see the owner return home can be seen on the Internet. Emotions overwhelm the pet, but if the dog jumps at you, this does not mean that she loves you more than a dog that calmly approached the owner and waves its tail. How the pet meets you depend on the temperament of the dog and its upbringing.

To have a good relationship with your pets, you can choose the breed of dog that suits you. Read the article "What kinda dog should I get? Zodiac signs and dog breeds".

6. Does my dog love me? Yes, if she recognizes your face!

Dogs do not see well and recognize familiar people or other animals mainly by smell and voice. If your pet recognizes you in the photo or in the window of the house (without hearing your voice), then he loves you very much.

7. The dog sleeps with you

A loyal dog always wants to be near the owner and believes that it is obliged to protect his sleep. Of course, not all owners allow pets to sleep on their bed, and then the dog is forced to sleep in his place. But even if your dog likes to sleep with you, it should have its own personal dog bed. Dogs love to relax in a relaxed atmosphere after a walk or game.

8. Always nearby while walking

A loving dog will not run far from you, even if he sees a dog or cat or sniffs something very interesting. If the pet loves you, he will walk near you. But you should not force your pet to walk near you. Dogs love to sniff the earth and communicate with other dogs. For convenience, use a leash with an adjustable length.

Dog Bulenсia loves Julia

9. Does my dog love me? Yes, if the dog wants to spend all his time with you

You have already read that a dog loves you if it is next to you while walking and sleeping. But if the dog wants to spend all his free time with you, he adores you. If you eat, the dog will lie under the table, go to another room, he will follow you, you will watch TV, the pet will lie with you.

If your dog follows all 9 reasons, then you are not just a person who feeds her. For a dog, you are the best friend and most beloved person in the world whom she loves more than herself!

Maybe your dog is bored. Give her interactive dog toys. It is not only very interesting but also beneficial for canine health.

If your dog follows several reasons or doesn't follow them at all, don't be discouraged! You just need to make friends. You can read about how to do this in my article "How to get your dog to like you? 9 easy steps".

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