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7 reasons why should you get a dog

Hi, I'm a dog named Bulencia! Now we’ll talk about why should you get a dog.

Dogs Mukhtar and Ruler from the shelter

These are dogs from the Krasnodog animal shelter located in the city of Krasnodar.

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1. Best friend

The main reason is that the dog will become your best friend. Regardless of your appearance, your voice, and the amount of money in your pocket, the dog will love you.

But you must be a good owner for your pet so that he loves you. Read more in the article "How to get your dog to like you? 9 easy steps".

2. Health

When my people bought an apartment, they could sit at home for several days watching TV. But when they got a puppy, everything changed. With a dog, you need to walk a lot every day. Now, at least twice a day, my people walk with me on the field near the house, run and play with me in any weather. But to walk with your dog, you must have a good leash. for convenience, you can use a leash with an adjustable length.

Bulencia knows why should you get a dog

Because of the dog, my people began to spend a lot of time on the street. And walks and constant physical activity are very useful for physical and psychological health. This is especially useful if you work in an office.

In order not to lose a pet during a walk, use a special GPS-tracker for dogs.

3. New friends

Why should you get a dog? Here is another important reason! During walks with a dog, you will meet other pets and various people. It can be a useful and interesting acquaintances. And if you do not have a soulmate, then this is the best way to find your love. Most often, dog owners are good people.

Your dog may be afraid of other dogs and people. But she needs communication. About the socialization of your dog, see the article "How to socialize a dog with other dogs and with humans".

4. Good mood

The dog will delight you every day! It will be next to you, smile and play fun and you will be good from it. Dogs are very positive pets who like to share a good mood with others. To play it was more interesting, use toys for dogs. Your pet will like it.

Bulencia a beautiful and smart dog

5. Protection

Any dog ​​(even the smallest) is a good defense. Even if your dog is the size of a cat, it can save you in a dangerous situation. Loud barking can attract attention, or vice versa, scare away bad people. For example, the house in which the dog lives will not be robbed.

But you must protect your pet too. There are many dangers that threaten your dog every day. Read more in the article "Dog safety: 3 dangers threatening your dog in everyday life".

6. Beautiful photos

All people love to take pictures of their pets. And photos with a dog always turn out to be very funny and positive. Your Instagram followers will love your new posts when you get a dog! Almost all the photos on your phone will be with your dog and this is excellent. You should use a special shampoo for dogs to make your pet look great (this shampoo is suitable for 200 different dog breeds).

Why should you get a dog like Bulenсia?

7. Support

You can always talk to your dog if something bad happens. Dogs are good at listening and sympathizing. And you will feel better. When you talk with a dog, it becomes clear that she understands you, but cannot answer. This is true and all dog owners know this.

Why should you get a dog? Now you know the answer to this question. Thanks for reading my article. Make your pet's life better with the Bulencia Dog Blog. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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