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What do dogs like to eat? Top 5

Hello! I am a dog named Bulencia! Sorry for my English, I'm a dog from Russia. Now we will find the answer to the question: what do dogs like to eat? If you have a favorite pet, then you should know that he likes to eat to treat him with delicious treats. 

What do dogs like to eat

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If you want to give your pet delicious food, then I recommend using special treats for dogs. It is tasty and healthy.

5. Eggs

Dogs love to eat eggs, no matter how you cook it. You can cook it to please your pet. The eggs contain a lot of protein, riboflavin, and selenium. It is very useful. But you have to cook the eggs well because raw eggs are dangerous for dogs. This can cause hair problems and biotin deficiency.

There is a lot of food that is dangerous for dogs. Read more in my article "What not to feed a dog? These products are dangerous for dogs".

If you feed your dog with natural food, then you must follow many rules to avoid your pet's health problems. It’s not enough to know that dogs like to eat. I recommend feeding the dog special food, which contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Good food is the key to your pet’s health.

4. Cheese

You know that dogs should not drink milk, but this rule does not apply to many other dairy products, such as cheese. Your pet will love cheese because it is tasty, soft, and fragrant. There is a lot of protein in cheese. This is good for your puppy. But there is a lot of fat in the cheese, so it is not often and many dogs. You can give your dog cheese but in small quantities. Not surprisingly, dogs love treats with cheese. It's delicious.

Dogs love to eat cheese

3. What do dogs like to eat? Oatmeal!

Oatmeal is one of the most popular breakfast items. This is a great food for your pet. It will help older dogs solve bowel problems. An old dog can chew and swallow oatmeal effortlessly. But remember that you need to cook oatmeal for your pet without sugar, spices, and other additives.

But if you want to feed a puppy, I recommend reading the article "How much to feed a puppy" because the body of puppies is different from the body of an adult dog.

If you feed your dog with natural food, then you can make up for the lack of vitamins with special additives for dogs. This is necessary for the health of your pet. But before buying, carefully read the product description and instructions to buy what your dog needs. 

But I recommend feeding your pet special dog food. The composition of this feed includes all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the pet. 

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is a great summer treat for people and animals. Puppies love to run and play, even when it is very hot. A watermelon is 91% water. What do dogs like to eat? Of course a watermelon! It is juicy, delicious, and refreshing. Watermelon is low in calories and high in lycopene and thiamine. It has many vitamins A, B6, and C. But remember that watermelon can cause digestive problems. You can feed your dog watermelons, but only in small quantities. You should also remove the peel of the watermelon and remove the seeds. 

In the summer, so that your dog does not suffer from thirst, it should have constant access to fresh water (in fact, the dog should always have fresh water, and not just in summer). To do this, use a special dog bowl for water.

Dogs love to eat watermelon

1. Meat and fish

 All dogs love to eat meat and fish. The most common types of meat for a dog are beef, chicken, turkey, duck, and venison. Meat is the source of organic protein for your pet. Also, meat contains many vitamins A, E, B and B12, carbohydrates, and fats. This is excellent for your dog’s health. Dogs must eat meat. And most dog foods contain meat. But remember that you have to cook meat for your pet without salt and spices.

Dogs love to eat meat

Dogs like to gnaw bones. It is good for your pet’s teeth. But not all types of bones can be given to your pet. Some bones are dangerous for dogs! For example, chicken bones. I recommend giving your dog special bones for dogs. This is a tasty and healthy treat that your pet will really like. 

You should know what dangers await your dog in everyday life. It is not only chicken bones and other dangerous foods. Read more in the article "Dog safety: 3 dangers threatening your dog in everyday life".

Not only cats love fish. You can sometimes feed your dog fish too. It is good for your pet's coat and immune system. But the fish needs to be cooked without salt and spices, and you also need to remove all the bones. A dog can choke on a fishbone and die! Be careful.

Thanks for reading my article. Now you know the answer to the question: what do dogs like to eat? Make your pet's life better with the Bulencia Dog Blog. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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