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Dog safety: 3 dangers threatening your dog in everyday life

Hello, I’m a dog named Bulenсia! We love our pets very much and always try to protect them from all dangers and ensure dog safety. These dangers can harm the dog’s health or be fatal, so it’s important to know how to protect your pet.

Dog safety while walking

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1. Dog Safety in the Elevator

Entering the elevator with a dog, some people do not even think that this trip may be the last for their pets. A person can forget about the dog, talking with a neighbor, or responding to messages on Facebook. The pet may be on the other side of the closed elevator. And this is deadly. We see this situation in the photo below.

Dog safety in the elevator

The man managed to save the dog

Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon. Often dogs fall into this trap and cannot escape. The only chance of salvation is people who saw a poor animal. Sometimes a collar breaks, but this is very rare. Therefore, it is important to carefully monitor your dog and enter the elevator with your pet. Use a short leash. Only you can ensure the safety of your dog. 

I know of cases where dogs in this situation were saved by a leash with an adjustable length. The owner of the pet could increase the length of the leash and save his dog.

2. Dog Safety in the Snow

In winter, city streets are strewn with special means. This is necessary to avoid ice. Sometimes these substances can damage your shoes. Now think: what can this do with the legs of your dog? The pet may get a chemical burn.

Dangers for dogs in winter

Walking with a dog should be safe. To protect your pet's paws, use special paw creams. You can also wear boots on your dog’s paws. It is not easy to teach a dog to walk in shoes, but it is necessary. 

And watch your pet during the walk because if the dog eats a piece of poisoned snow, this will lead to serious poisoning.

3. The dog is not safe at home

When leaving home, remember that dogs are very curious! And many dogs (especially puppies) are very fond of chewing various objects. This will not only cause damage to your property but is also a danger to your pet. Small items eaten by the puppy can become stuck in the stomach or intestines. This will lead to health problems and may require surgery. And do not be naive in thinking that your puppy or dog will not chew on various objects.

Danger to the dog house

Most often, dogs swallowed coins, chicken bones, and toys. Keep away any objects that might interest your puppy. And also disconnect the wires because puppies really like to chew them. Eaten objects can rarely be removed without surgical intervention, so it is easier to avoid this problem than to solve it.

The dog can also be dangerous food that you eat every day. Read more in the article "What not to feed a dog? These products are dangerous for dogs".

So, that your pet does not get bored while you are not at home, use special toys and treats for dogs. 

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