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How to socialize a dog with other dogs and with humans?

Hi, I'm a dog named Bulencia! Dogs are social pets that need to communicate with people and other dogs. How to socialize a dog? This is an important question that you must know the answer to. Today we’ll talk about how to socialize a puppy and what to do if your adult dog is afraid of other pets and people. 

How to socialize a dog with other dogs

The best time to socialize your puppy is between three and twelve weeks of age. The sooner you begin to teach your pet to communicate with others, the better. After twelve weeks, it will be difficult for the dog to adapt to something new and unfamiliar.

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1. How to socialize a dog at an early age

A puppy is easy to teach playing with other puppies. At the age of three to twelve weeks, dogs easily adapt to any changes in their lives and get along well with people and other pets. But you should walk with your puppy as often as possible and allow him to communicate with other dogs and people. But be careful! Adult dogs can harm your pet. Use an adjustable leash to control your puppy while walking.

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How to socialize a puppy

Unfortunately, not all dogs went through the process of socialization at the age of three to twelve weeks. But if your pet is afraid of people and other dogs or is aggressive towards them, then you must help your friend. For psychological health, the dog needs communication.

2. How to socialize an adult dog

Walk your dog daily and introduce your dog to other dogs.

You should walk with your pet at least twice a day. This is useful not only for your friend’s psychological and physical health but also for your health. Allow the dog to play with other pets, but control its behavior. Do not allow barking or behaving aggressively. The dog should be calm. And in order not to lose a pet on a walk, use a GPS-tracker for dogs.

How to socialize an adult dog

If your dog is afraid of other dogs, at first avoid large groups of pets and people. Start by talking to one or two dogs so that your pet feels safe. When your dog is no longer afraid, let her spend time in the company of several dogs.

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3. How to socialize a dog using new places

Safely expose your dog to different social activities. Take your pet with you on various trips. Take a walk with him in the park and explore new territories together. But do it carefully. Increase the load on your dog gradually. Start with small trips to make your dog feel safe and not be afraid of new places. Give her treats to create a positive experience. 

Riding a dog in a car

4. How to socialize a dog with a muzzle

Use a muzzle if your dog is aggressive towards people and other dogs. I recommend using funny muzzle. This will not only help avoid bites but also create a positive atmosphere for the other dog and her owner. The funny appearance of such a muzzle is of great importance for building relationships between your pet and others.

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