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How to get your dog to like you? 9 easy steps

Hi, I'm a dog named Bulencia! Now we’ll talk about how to get a dog to like you. It will be about both cases when the relationship is already ruined, and about cases when the relationship is to be created. People often make mistakes when raising their pet, but these errors can be corrected. There are 9 steps to help you improve your relationship with your pet and get your dog to like you. 

Bulencia knows how to get your dog to like you

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1. Comfortable environment

Create a comfortable environment for your pet. Dogs like to relax after a game or walk and for this, they need personal space. Place a dog bed in the corner of the room, buy toys and treats for your pet. The puppy should be able to relax in a personal cozy corner, staying close to people.

Dog Bulencia loves its owners

When the dog is resting, other pets and people should not bother her. Your pet should feel relaxed and calm.

2. Take care of your pet

Dogs instinctively love those who care for them. Love your pet, feed, give goodies. Pay particular attention to the appearance of your dog. Take care of dog hair, monitor the health of your pet. Remember that you are responsible for your puppy. You must take care of this. Only love can find the answer to the question of how to get your dog to like you.

First, you must understand if your dog loves you. To do this, read my article "Does my dog love me? 9 signs of dog love".

3. Training

Spend more time training your dog. Your relationship with your pet will improve if the dog knows how to respond to basic commands. For good execution of orders, give the pet a treat, and also praise him. Buy unusual treats for your dog so that she has the motivation to obey you. 

Dog training

4. Do not punish the dog

Do not scold the dog when it behaves badly. Correct the behavior of your pet, and then praise and treat him to a treat. The dog must understand that for good behavior she will receive a reward. This is the best motivation to follow your orders. Never yell at your pet or use brute force. The dog will be afraid of you, and this will adversely affect your relationship.

5. How to get your dog to like you via socialization

Socialize your pet. Dogs are social animals in need of communication. Your pet will be happier if his life is more interesting if he communicates with other animals and people. Provide him with communication with other dogs in a relaxed atmosphere. It will be easier for your pet to make friends with another dog if no one bothers.

You can read about how to socialize your dog in my article "How to socialize a dog with other dogs and with humans".

Dogs play with each other

But do not force your dog to play with other dogs because this can scare him. Communication must be voluntary.

6. Find out what your dog loves

You must know what your pet likes and dislikes. This will help you better understand your dog’s needs and satisfy them. Let her do what she likes. This will make your dog happier and improve your relationship with her.

Give your dog some delicious food. Read more in the article "What do dogs like to eat? Top 5"

For example, if your pet likes to play with the ball, play with her daily. If the dog likes to dig holes, equip her with a special place for this.

7. Buy dog toys

If you do not know how to get your dog to like you, use toys. Play with your pet as often as possible. Buy a few different toys for your dog that match their size and interests. Do not buy small toys for a large dog so that it cannot swallow them. 

Dogs playing with a toy for dogs

8. Give your pet attention

Try to pay attention to your dog more often. Talk to her, stroke her, make her feel good. You will understand what is pleas to your pet. Try to do it more often. The dog should know that you love her.

Many dogs dislike being touched on the head or hugged. This can scare or offend your pet. Carefully monitor his emotions to understand what your dog likes and dislikes.

9. Walk the dog

Dogs love to walk: they like to run, explore new territories, and spend time with their man. Walk at least twice a day. And it should be a long walk. This will not only improve relations with the pet but also beneficial for your physical and psychological health. In order not to lose a pet on a walk, use a dog GPS tracker.

Dog loves his man

During the walk, the dog should be able to explore the area and communicate with other dogs. Walk with your pet in a special area for dogs, if it is not far from your home.

Building a good relationship with your dog is not easy. This is a long and complex process that can take many weeks or months. But following the 9 steps to improve relations with the pet, you will find the answer to the question: how to get your dog to like you? Thanks for reading my article. Make your pets' lives better with the Bulencia Dog Blog. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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