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How to take care of newborn puppies

Hello! I am a dog named Bulencia! Sorry for my English, I am a dog from Russia. Sometimes a dog does not want to take care of its newborn puppies. Or the dog that gave birth to puppies dies. In this case, newborn puppies need help from people. How to take care of newborn puppies? This is not easy, but if you make the necessary efforts, the little puppy will become an adult healthy dog. 

Newborn puppies without mother

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1. Find a new mom

If you don’t know how to take care of newborn puppies, try to find a new mother for them. Perhaps your friends have a dog that recently gave birth to puppies. But another dog may not accept new puppies. You should rub your puppies with the cloth on which this dog sleeps. Or slightly stain your puppies with her breast milk. It is necessary that they smell like her puppies.

How to take care of newborn puppies with mother

If the dog still does not accept new puppies, take her two puppies from her. When they begin to whine, return them to her along with your puppies. But if after this the dog does not accept new puppies, then you should take care of them.

2. Nice place

If you could not find a new mother for newborn puppies, then you should take care of them. You must make a comfortable and warm place in which the puppies will sleep. To do this, use a room without drafts and a special bed for puppies. Put a cloth and a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel in it. This is necessary to keep the puppies warm. A towel is necessary so that the puppies are not injured. If you cannot buy a special bed for puppies, use a box.

Newborn puppies sleep with each other

Protect the place where the puppies will live so that they cannot get out. This is necessary for their safety. And keep it clean so puppies don't get sick.

You must maintain the temperature of their place, suitable for your puppies. During the first week of life, it is about 27-30 degrees Celsius. Over the next three to four weeks, about 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius. After, up to 6 weeks of age, keep the temperature at about 21 degrees Celsius.

3. How to take care of newborn puppies? Feeding

Feed newborn puppies with special milk for puppies. You can buy it in the online store or in the nearest veterinary pharmacy. I recommend that you contact your veterinarian to help with the selection of milk and say how much food the puppy should eat. The vet knows how to take care of newborn puppies. These features depend on the breed of your puppies. If you don’t have the opportunity to buy milk for puppies right now, you can give them some boiled water with glucose (only once!). But newborn puppies should not be fed cow's milk!

How to take care of newborn puppies

A newborn puppy needs to be fed with a special bottle for puppies, which you can buy at your nearest veterinary pharmacy or online store. But if you can’t buy it right now, then you can use a syringe. This is bad for a puppy because he must learn to suck. But you can do it once or twice.

You should use only a clean bottle. Use disinfectants. But after disinfection, rinse the bottle with boiled water to wash off the remnants of the disinfectant. You can use a special disinfection device. This is the best solution.

4. Feeding

The first 72 hours of the life of newborn puppies need to be fed every two hours. Not only during the day but also at night. Over the next week, puppies should eat every three hours. In the second week of life, you can feed puppies every four hours during the day and every six hours at night. When the puppies are about six weeks old, they can be gradually transferred to special food for puppies. For information on how to feed your puppy, read my article "How much to feed a puppy?"

5. How to take care of newborn puppies during feeding

You must feed the newborn puppy in the correct pose. This is important because the puppy may choke. You must put the pet on its stomach and raise its face a little.

If milk begins to pour out of your puppy's nose (bubbles appear), this means that the milking hole is too large. You must replace this. During feeding, you need to make small pauses so that the puppy can catch his breath.

Newborn puppies are sleeping

After feeding, you should massage the urogenital and anal openings of your newborn puppy. This is necessary because, in the first weeks of life, puppies do not know how to defecate on their own. You should moisten the cloth in warm water and lightly stroke the puppy's anal area until there is a result. Usually, it lasts one to two minutes. Puppies will learn to do it themselves when they are around 15-21 days old.

Now you know how to take care of newborn puppies. I believe that you can take care of your little puppies and when they grow up they will be healthy adult dogs. Read my article “7 reasons why should you get a dog” so that you have extra motivation to take care of little puppies.

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