Hello! I am a dog named Bulencia. Sorry for my English, I'm a dog from Russia. Many people think that cats are independent and wayward animals, unable to sincerely love their owner. But this is not true! Many cats love their people very much and need love and care. Today I will answer an important question: does my cat love me? We will talk about how to understand that your pet loves you in this article. 

Maksik knows, does my cat love me?

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Hi, I'm a dog named Bulencia! I live with two cats and my people - Max and Julia. Very long ago, Max's parents found a small newborn kitten. He was so small that he still could not eat on his own. 19 years have passed since then and the cat, which was named Alice, today lives happily with her people. I’ll tell you how to take care of a newborn kitten without mother in this article.

Newborn kitten without mother

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