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Why is my cat licking me? 7 interesting reasons

Hi, I’m a dog named Bulencia. Today we’ll talk about why cats lick a person. Why do they need it and what do they want to say by this.

Why is my cat licking me?

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Let’s go!

Not all people like it when a cat licks them with its tongue. If human skin is very sensitive, irritation may occur. But many owners of cats love when their pets begin to lick the face or body of the owner, thinking that this way the pet shows its love. In fact, the manifestation of love is just one reason. In this article, you will learn why is my cat licking me.

1. Love

Of course, the main reason why a cat licks a person is an expression of love. Being close to you, the pet feels pleasure and shows it to you with its licking. 

If you want to know if your cat really loves you, read my article "Does my cat love me?"

My cat licks me because it loves me

2. Why is my cat licking me during illness

If the cat has never licked you before, and then suddenly started to do it all the time, this can be the cause of the disease. Pay attention to the pet’s activity, his appetite and how often, he drinks water. If he begins to eat poorly, move a little and often lick you, contact your veterinarian. Also, a cat may lick you if skin parasites are concerned, in which case you should also consult a specialist.

You must think about the safety of your cat and know what dangers threaten him. Read the article "Cat safety: 5 dangers for your singing" to protect your pet.

3. Loneliness

Cats do not require as much attention as dogs. Therefore, many owners forget that cats also want to communicate. If a cat licks your hands, pokes its nose at you, presses its ears, then it wants you to scratch her. The pet is especially pleased when the owner scratches his forehead and ears. You can scratch cats with your hands, or you can buy a special comb.

Cat Tishka

4. Thermoregulation

Cats love heat very much, and they like your body temperature. Very often, cats lie on a sore spot of a person, because his temperature is higher than usual, and this attracts pets. To keep your pet warm, give him a heated cat mat.

5. Motherhood

If a cat licks only a child from the whole family, then most likely she perceives his as her child. She will try to always be near him, sleep in an embrace and lick "her baby".

Cats often purr when they lick their people. For an explanation of why they do this, see the article "Why do cat purr?".

6. Smell

Cats like different smells. In humans, they are usually attracted to the smell of hair, especially after washing them. They perceive a person’s hair as wool and therefore lick it with pleasure. If you do not like this behavior of the animal, use a shampoo with citruses, this smell is not liked by cats. If this does not help, distract the pet with toys or food. 

Give your pet interactive toys for cats so that your pet does not get bored.

My cat licks me because of the smell

7. Behavior

Some pets experience stress or anxiety for some reason; their behavior is called passive. Such cats lick their master because of forced submission. After such a licking, bites may follow. If you find this behavior in your cat, change his upbringing and your attitude to the pet.

Remember that cats need to sharpen their claws. To do this, give your cat special furniture for cats.

Cats with dominant behavior, on the contrary, are not afraid of anything. In ancient times, with the help of licking, they showed other cats their high position in the pack. Dominant cats can also force a weaker pet lick himself.

Thank you for reading my article! I hope she helped you and you find out why is my cat licks me. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Make your pet's life better with the Bulenсia Blog.

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