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Why do cat purr? 4 interesting reasons

Hello! I am a dog named Bulencia! Sorry for my English, I'm a dog from Russia. Everyone knows that cats love to purr, but few know the answers to popular questions. Why do cat purr? How does she do it? Is it good for humans? We will answer these and many other questions in this article. 

Bulencia knows why do cat purr

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1. How do they do it?

If you thought that cats have a special “motor” with which they purr, then you are mistaken. Scientists do not know how cats do it. It is known that this happens due to the contraction of the muscles located near the vocal cords, which cause a vibration of the hyoid bones.

All cats love to sharpen their claws. This is a process that is critical for the health of your pet. If you have a cat, then you should have at home special furniture for cats, with which she can sharpen her claws. 

Cat sharpening claws

It is also known that cats use their nose and mouth to purr. Vibration spreads throughout the pet’s body, but the cat’s brain sends a signal to the beginning of this process.

People think that if a cat purrs, then he loves you. But it is not always the case. To understand if your cat loves you, read my article "Does my cat love me?"

2. Why do cat purr?

Your cat expresses emotions when it purrs.

  • Kittens begin to purr from 2 days of age. So, they show a mom that they are full and satisfied;

  • The cat-mother is purring her kittens. She soothes the babies and tells them that they are safe.

  • Cats often express happiness and gratitude through purring. They purr when you touch them or when you give them delicious food.

  • Cats purr when talking to each other. This is necessary to avoid aggression. Thanks to a murmur, the cat says that he does not want a fight.

If your cat walks alone, then you must take care of his safety. Use a special GPS-tracker for cats, so as not to lose your pet. 

  • Why do cat purr when she is alone? By purring, the cat calms itself in a stressful situation.

  • Cats love helping people. When the cat purrs, she wants to reassure the person and express her love and care.

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3. Is purring a cat good for humans?

Scientists and doctors think that purring cats are good for human health. The answer to the question" why do cat purr?" obvious! To help you!

  • The sound made by cats ranges from 27 to 44 Hz. This helps to strengthen human bone tissue.

  • The sound of cat purring has a calming effect on a person, therefore it is useful for people with nervous disorders.

  • Vibrations emitted by cats improve cerebral circulation, help normalize heart rate and reduce blood pressure

  • If during the purring the cat “makes a massage”, then this procedure can be compared with acupuncture.

And you must take care of your pet's health too. Use a special DNA test for cats that will determine the health features of your pet. This test will also determine the breed of your cat.

4. Interesting facts

  • Children who live with cats are less likely to have asthma. If a child under the age of 3 years is in contact with a cat, allergens in its coat help to develop resistance to respiratory diseases.

  • People who have cats live on average 4.5 years longer than people who have no pets.

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Now you know the answer to the question: why do cat purr? If you have a cat, love her. If you do not have a cat, get a cat.

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