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3 signs that you have a stupid cat

Hi, I'm a dog named Bulencia! Many people think that cats are very selfish pets that do not obey anyone. Therefore, cats are often called stupid.

In fact, there are no stupid cats. These pets need training and attention, like dogs. You can teach any cat to live according to your rules, and now we’ll talk about signs that you should start raising your pet. There are no stupid cats, there are bad owners. 

Stupid cat Maksik

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1. The stupid cat spoils furniture

One of the most common problems is a cat scratching furniture. This is not normal pet behavior and you need to fix it.

In fact, sharpening claws is a natural need for any cat. Even tigers scratch trees. And this need must be allowed to be satisfied, but only in specially designated places. For cats, there is special furniture for sharpening claws. Every person who has a cat should have such furniture at home.

Cat sharpening claws

It’s not very difficult to train a cat to use only this furniture for sharpening claws. But this is important not only for the preservation of your property but for the physical and psychological health of your pet.

You should know what dangers await your cat. It is important for the life and health of your pet. Read more in the article "Cat safety: 5 dangers for your pet".

2. Cat toilet

A cat is often called stupid because it does not know how to use a cat's toilet. The reasons for this behavior of your pet may be different. I highlight three main reasons why a cat goes to the toilet in the wrong place.

1) The first reason is your pet’s health status. This may be due to a cat’s digestive system, and if you suspect that this is true, consult your veterinarian.

Cat at the vet

2) The second reason is the quality of the cat's toilet. Cats dislike using a dirty tray. In this case, you need to clean up waste products more often behind the cat. Perhaps you should change the cat tray. There are a variety of cat toilets. I recommend using a closed toilet for cats.

3) The third reason - you did not teach the cat to use the cat tray. And you have to do it.

3. Aggressive cat - stupid cat

Sometimes cats are aggressive towards your family or guests. This behavior of your pet is unacceptable and needs urgent correction. Most importantly, never use violence against a cat. This will make the pet even angrier. Cats remember past grievances well and, perhaps, the pet dislikes you and your family because you offended it in the past.

If your cat is aggressive towards you, then he probably does not love you. To find out if this is the case, read the article "Does my cat love me?"

Stupid cat is aggressive

You can improve relations with your cat only thanks to your kindness and love. Treat the pet treats for cats, it will like it.

If you found in the article what is peculiar to your cat, then be engaged in the solution of these problems. In the future, small problems can turn into a real disaster. Your pet needs your attention today. Your cat is not stupid!

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