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Does my cat love me? 11 interesting signs

Hello! I am a dog named Bulencia. Sorry for my English, I'm a dog from Russia. Many people think that cats are independent and wayward animals, unable to sincerely love their owner. But this is not true! Many cats love their people very much and need love and care. Today I will answer an important question: does my cat love me? We will talk about how to understand that your pet loves you in this article. 

Maksik knows, does my cat love me?

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11. A joyful meeting

If your cat joyfully greets you when you get home from work, it means that she loves you. Your pet missed you and was looking forward to when you return. Sometimes a cat follows you around the house. This means that she is worried that you will leave again. Isn't that love?

To make it easier for your pet to endure separation from you, I recommend giving him interactive cat toys. This entertainment will really appeal to your cat. 

10. Cute gifts

Cats are good hunters. And if the pet loves its owners, then he will often give them gifts. Sometimes cats bring home their prey - mice, and birds. You must thank your pet, even if you disliked the gift. Think maybe "my cat loves me?" This is important because the cat is trying to express its love. But remember that you should think about the safety of your pet. If your cat walks alone, then use a GPS tracker for cats, so as not to lose your pet. 

9. Sleeping on clothes

Many cats like to sleep on the clothes of their owners. Sometimes cats climb into closets with clothes and sleep in them, wrapped in the clothes of their people. This is not a bad behavior of your pet, but a manifestation of love. So, your pet shows that he likes your smell.

My cats and dog sleep on my clothes

While sleeping on the clothes of its owner, the cat feels calm and protected. Usually, this is done by pets whose owners spend little time at home. But remember that your cat should have a place where she can rest. Therefore, you must have special furniture for cats at home. This is not only a comfortable bed for a cat but also a Cat Scratcher that your pet could sharpen its claws (this is critical for the health of cats). 

8. Conversation with a cat

Cats only talk to people they love. Purring is a sign of trust (read more in the article "Why do cat purr?"). They do this to establish contact with a person. If you live instead of with your cat for a long time, then you have learned to understand what your pet is trying to say. If your cat does this, then you should not have a question: does my cat love me? This is a very close emotional connection between man and animal. This is Love.

7. Does my cat love me if she wants to cuddle?

Usually, cats dislike cuddling with people. But if your pet lies on you or near you, purrs and tries to hug you, it means that he loves you very much. If the pet “pushes” you with its head, then a strong manifestation of love and affection. It is critical.

My cat loves me

But remember that if your pet wants to spend time near you, it means that he lacks your love and care. Reciprocate the manifestations of your cat’s love.

6. Jealousy

Cats can be jealous. Sometimes a pet can perceive as competitors not only other pets but also people: guests, family members, or friends. The cat can be jealous of even objects, such as a laptop or smartphone.

Jealousy manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes it can be very dangerous because the cat can be aggressive.

5. Does my cat love me if she makes light bites?

Light nibbling is not a manifestation of aggression, but a manifestation of love. Thus, your cat shows you that she loves you. To understand that bites are a manifestation of love, not aggression, evaluate the strength of the bite. If you feel no pain, but light touches, then this means that the cat does not wish you harm.

Cats often lick people. This is not only a manifestation of love. Read more in my article "Why is my cat licking me?".

You know that dogs must nibble bones. It is good for the health of their teeth. But few people know that the health of the cat's teeth also needs to be taken care of. To do this, you can use a toothbrush and toothpaste for cats or special treats. 

4. Tail

All people know that if you watch the cat's tail, you can understand in what mood the cat is now. Many people know that when a cat is unhappy, she abruptly waves her tail. But when the tip of the tail moves slightly, it means that the pet is pleasantly near you. This is a manifestation of love.

Cat is looking at me

If the cat comes up to you with its tail up, then this is perfect. So, the cat shows you that she is in a good mood, and she is glad to meet you.

3. Vulnerable posture

The most vulnerable part of a cat's body is the stomach and chest. Therefore, if your cat lays next to you on your back and allows you to touch your stomach, then this means that your pet trusts you. This is the most serious manifestation of love and trust. Appreciate it.

2. Paw massage

This is the most important manifestation of love for any cat. If your cat gives you a massage, then you should not have the question: "Does my cat love me?" Cats do this because in childhood, with similar movements, they need their mother’s stomach to drink milk. For them, this is associated with the most pleasant childhood memories! Isn't that love?

Cat is playing with me

Your cat loves you, but do you love your cat? Do you know that the proper nutrition of your pet is the key to his health? And did you know that castrated cats should eat special food? Think about whether you are feeding your pet correctly. 

There is a lot of food that is bad for cats. This is the food you can eat every day. Read more in the article "What can a cat not eat? 25 dangerous foods for cats".

1. Eye contact

Cats dislike being watched for a long time and perceive it as a threat. Therefore, if you and your pet can look at each other for a long time, this means that your cat trusts you. You can rest assured that the pet not only trusts you but also loves you very much.

Thanks for reading my article. Now you know the answer to the question: does my cat love me? And I believe that your pet loves you! Make your pet's life better with the Bulencia Dog Blog! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook. 

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