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Why do cats need? 7 reasons to get a cat

Hi, I'm a dog named Bulencia! I live with two cats that my people took home from a homeless shelter. Now we will talk about why do cats need and why you should get a cat. 

Why do cats need and why do we need Kisa?

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1. Coziness

You will be pleased to return home when your beloved cat is waiting for you there. Cats create a pleasant atmosphere at home, you will feel necessary. And you must create a cozy corner for your pet too. Give your cat a heated cat mat.

A cat is needed for comfort

2. Cat therapy

Not all cats love to come to their owners to cuddle and lie together. But most cats love to spend time with their people. They purr and make a pleasant massage with their paws.

You can read about why cats purr in my article "Why do cat purr?"

Cat stroking the head

And cats help their owners when they get sick. It is not uncommon for a pet to come to his person to help cope with an ailment. And thanks to cats, you can calm down when you are angry or upset. Cats are real healers.

3. Aesthetic pleasure

Why do cats need? Cats are needed for beauty. To people who like these pets, kittens bring real aesthetic pleasure. All cats are beautiful, regardless of breed.

A cat is needed for aesthetic pleasure

It is not for nothing that photographs and videos with cats are very popular on the Internet right now. Get a cat and this beauty will decorate your home.

4. Simple care for cats

A cat is easier to care for than a dog. You don’t need to walk with him several times a day and you can get him if you spend a lot of time at work. Cats will miss you less. 

Cats do not need to be bathed often, and they only eat special food. But remember that you need to monitor the health of your pet. Do not buy a cat cheap food because it will lead to big problems in the future. 

There is a lot of food that is very dangerous for cats. Read more in the article "What can a cat not eat? 25 dangerous foods for cats".

5. Cats are needed for beautiful photos

When you get a cat, you will often photograph him. You will have hundreds of photos of your pet. And on every photo, your pet will look great.

A cat is needed for beautiful photos

You would like to look at your pet, take pictures of him when he will sleep in a funny pose. You will record all the funny moments on the video because you will love your cat and will know the answer to the question of why do cats need.

But for your cat to always look great, you must look after him. Use special products to care for your pet's coat and health. 

6. Fun with cats

Cats are different, but most of them are very funny animals. They like to play, they like to run around the room and meow funny.

Many people think their cats are stupid. But is that true? Read more in the article "3 signs that you have a stupid cat".


On YouTube, thousands of funny cat videos are very popular. And you can get a cat to have just as much fun in your home.

7. Why do cats need? You can talk with them

Cats can listen carefully. They do not understand you and cannot answer you, but that’s good. Your cat knows how you feel and will try to help you. You can tell him any secrets, tell about everything that is interesting to you.

Now you know why do cats need it. But before you get a cat, make sure that he is comfortable in your home. Buy furniture for cats so that your pet can sharpen its claws (this is important for a cat and if you do not have special furniture, the cat will sharpen its claws on your sofa), buy good food and toys for your pet.

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