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Cat safety: 5 dangers for your pet

Hi, I'm a dog named Bulencia! Cats are independent pets, but they also need your care. Now I’ll talk about what you need to know to ensure the safety of your cat.

The cat is safe at home

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1. Cat and water

Avoid getting water in your cat’s ears. Cats have a very complex structure of the auditory system and water that gets into the ears can seriously harm the health of your cat.

How to keep the cat safe? Try not to wash the cat ever. This is not necessary because cats can clean their coat with their tongue. In addition, water is a big stress for many cats.

Cat Safety in the shower

But do not forget to comb your pet's hair. This is necessary to get rid of excess hair during molting. To do this, use special combs. 

2. Safe food for cats

Do not feed pets with food from the table. Do not succumb to pity and never feed your cat what you eat yourself. A cat should eat only special balanced food because other food is very harmful to the digestive system of the pet. Fatty and salty foods with spices are very harmful to the cat’s stomach, liver, and intestines. Improper nutrition will lead to serious health consequences and rapid death.

There is a lot of food that is very dangerous for cats. Read more in the article "What can a cat not eat? 25 dangerous foods for cats".

Cat safety while eating

It is recommended to feed cats with food, considering individual characteristics, such as age and breed.

3. Obesity is not safe for cats

Cats need to be fed not only with special food but also in certain proportions. Each cat, depending on age and weight, has a daily feed rate. Do not give your pet too much food.

Obesity will have serious health consequences. And so, you must control the amount of feed in the pet's bowl. This can be done using a kitchen scale. 

4. Your cat's claws

Do not remove the cat's claws surgically. This is unnatural and can lead to serious consequences. I don’t know if such medical operations are allowed in the USA, but in Russia, it is allowed.

Cat scratches furniture

During this operation, the cat has removed not only the claws but also almost completely cut off the phalanx of the fingers. If you want the cat not to scratch the furniture, cut its nails by yourself or use the services of a veterinarian (this is safe for the cat). There is a special tool for cutting cat claws. 

5. Safety cats with children

Never leave cats alone with young children. Children, playing, can harm your pet. Sometimes children can specifically hurt animals. It is important to explain to them that this is bad. And do not forget that a cat can also harm your child.

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The most important thing

Friends, remember that a cat is a big responsibility. You must ensure the safety of the cat because now it is a new member of your family.

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